April 3rd, 2023, Singapore

Bio-inspired Soft Aerial Robotics

Date: April 3th, Monday, 2023

Time: 9:00AM-6:00PM, Singapore Local Time (GMT+7)

Venue: Marina Bay Sands

About the Workshop

With the increased interest in adopting smart and functional materials in creating soft aerial robots, we have seen a wide variety of innovative and morphologically adaptive structures utilized for flying systems. This workshop, extending from a successful debut last year at RoboSoft 2022, continues to aim to bring together experts working in the field of soft aerial robotics. The workshop will explore current challenges in: (1) improving maneuverability and flight efficiency through bio-inspiration; (2) multi-modal mobility between aerial, terrestrial, and aquatic environments; (3) robustness to landing and collision through structural adaptions; (4) adaptive manipulation and perching in aerial systems; (5) bio-inspired aerial construction and nesting; (6) bio-hybrid flying structures, biodegradability, and sustainable transient aerial robotics; (7) modeling and control of soft aerial robots; (8) Soft sensing for aerial vehicles and morphing wings.

Pham Huy Nguyen

EMPA, Imperial College London

André Farinha

EMPA, Imperial College London

Fabian Wiesemüller

EMPA, Imperial College London

Sukho Song


Imperial College London

Mirko Kovač


Imperial College London

Aníbal Ollero Baturone

GRVC Robotics Lab at University of Sevilla

Salua Hamaza

BioMorphic Intelligence Lab at TU Delft

Mark Cutkosky

Selectively Soft Solutions for Aerial Grasping and Perching

Dario Floreano

Morphing Wings from Nature for Agile and Resilient Flyers

Kyujin Cho

Deployable arm and passive dynamic perching for drones

Kevin Chen

Agile and robust micro-aerial-robot powered by soft artificial muscles

Luca Carlone

Dynamic Grasping with a “Soft” Drone: Theory, Experiments, and Future Challenges

Mirko Kovač

Metamorphic Aerial Robots for Multi-Terrain Mobility

Anibal Ollero

Towards Soft Bioinspired Aerial Robotic Manipulators

Ignazio Maria Viola

A Dandelion-inspired Drone for Swarm Sensing


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