April 4th, 2022 , Edinburgh, UK

Soft Aerial Robotics Workshop

Congratulations to the Poster Awardees:

  • First prize: Edward J Barron III, Dohgyu Hwang, A. B. M. Tahidul Haque, and Michael D. Bartlett for Shape morphing mechanical metamaterials for multifunctional soft robots

  • Second prize: Fernando Ruiz, Begona Arrue, and Anibal Ollero for Design and Control of a Flexible UAV adaptable to the environment

  • Third prize: Amedeo Fabris, Emanuele Aucone, Stefano Mintchev for Autonomous Soft Drone with Multi-modal Mobility for Traversal of Narrow Passageways

Link to Special Issue: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/36112/soft-aerial-robots-design-control-and-applications-of-morphologically-adaptive-flyers

Link to Poster Videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBaSAlRd8PTJp_A811zRYyk_4tHgznMPm

Link to Posters: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dWg56RbAXIN7fxuGtc4HJgU2sYvPvM7a?usp=sharing

Link to Speaker Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mFslBY-IRThxTuqay4T-T_g7Auh1uEVU/view?usp=sharing

Date: April 4th, Monday, 2022

Time: 1:00PM-5:00PM, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Venue: Conference Hall 07, Level 2, Building 10W, Phase 2, McEwan Hall, The University of Edinburgh, EH8 9AG

RoboSoft 2022 (The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)

About the Workshop

In recent years, the field of soft aerial robotics has benefitted from the utilization of reconfigurable, flexible, soft, and morphologically adaptive structures. This workshop highlights the current and future utilization of soft and morphologically adaptive structures in aerial robot related applications: such as (1) improving maneuverability and flight efficiency; (2) multi-modal mobility across terrain interfaces and fluid boundaries; (3) robustness to landing and collision; (4) manipulation, perching, resting, and energy management in complicated environments; (5) bio-inspired aerial construction and nesting; (6) bio-hybrid flying structures, biodegradability; (7) self-regeneration and self-healing. The workshop aims to host the leading researchers in the fields of bio-inspired, reconfigurable, morphing, and soft aerial robots to create a dialogue on state of the art, identify technical/conceptual barriers, and outline key challenges and opportunities for soft aerial robotics. The workshop will outline instances where inspiration from biology is utilized to develop the next generation of aerial vehicles. Highlighting various enabling technologies and system features desired in novel aerial robots, that can perform multi-capabilities, multi-modal tasks, and autonomously operate in real-world conditions.

Pham Huy Nguyen

Imperial College London

Begoña Arrue

GRVC Robotics Lab at University of Sevilla

Aníbal Ollero Baturone

GRVC Robotics Lab at University of Sevilla

Mirko Kovač


Imperial College London

Mark Cutkosky

Selectively Soft Solutions for Aerial Grasping and Perching


Dario Floreano

Morphing Wings from Nature for Agile and Resilient Flyers


Kyujin Cho

Deployable arm and passive dynamic perching for drones


Kevin Chen

Agile and robust micro-aerial-robot powered by soft artificial muscles


Luca Carlone

Dynamic Grasping with a “Soft” Drone: Theory, Experiments, and Future Challenges


Mirko Kovač

Metamorphic Aerial Robots for Multi-Terrain Mobility


Anibal Ollero

Towards Soft Bioinspired Aerial Robotic Manipulators


Ignazio Maria Viola

A Dandelion-inspired Drone for Swarm Sensing



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