April 14-17, 2024, San Diego, CA USA

Bio-inspired Soft Aerial Robotics

About the Workshop

Currently, the thriving field of soft aerial robotics has continued to explore the development of airborne robotic systems through the utilization of deformable and flexible structures. Unlike conventional rigid-bodied aerial robots, soft aerial robots leverage compliance and morphing capabilities to achieve unique advantages in versatility, adaptability to various terrains, scalability, agility, maneuverability, manipulation, and multi-functionality in a single robot. The last two years of this workshop have highlighted everything from novel design principles, real-world applications, bio-inspiration, and control and modeling principles for soft aerial robots.  

The focus of this year's workshop will be updates from groups working in this field, with a special emphasis on comparative biology. This sentiment has two folds, first to draw inspiration from biology for the development of the next generation of aerial vehicles and second is to develop robophysical models to help understand biology better. 


Together with the prominent researchers from these interdisciplinary fields, the purpose of this workshop is to track the progress of ongoing innovation and latest advancements in this rapidly growing subsection of soft and aerial robotics. The workshop will continue to identify technical and conceptual obstacles while outlining the primary challenges and opportunities in the realm of bio-inspired soft aerial robotics. Finally, the workshop will further focus on the deployability of these innovative aerial robots in real-world conditions.

Date: April 14, 2024         Time: 8.10am-5.30pm                                     Venue:  Hardrock Hotel San Diego

Pham Huy Nguyen

EMPA, Imperial College London

Pakpong Chirarattananon  

CityU of Hong Kong

Karishma Patnaik

Arizona State University

Kristan Hilby

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wenlong Zhang

Arizona State University

BioMorphic Intelligence Lab at TU Delft

Mirko Kovač


Imperial College London

Aníbal Ollero Baturone

GRVC Robotics Lab at University of Sevilla

Invited Speakers

Topic: Agile and resilient insect-scale aerial robot driven by muscle-like soft actuators

Soft, safe and silent: robots for natural environments

Passive Perching Mechanisms with Physical Intelligence for Flying Robots

Embracing Collisions with Flexible Aerial Robots

Emanuele Aucone (ETH-Z)

Embodied Intelligence in Drones for Soft Physical Interaction

Resonance and adaptivity in bioinspired flapping wing robots

Flying by feeling: soft bat wings integrate propulsion and sensation

Collision resilient foldable and miniature quadcopters

Stability in avian maneuvers

High-Speed Aerial Grasping using a Soft Drone with Onboard Perception

Physical AI for Soft Aerial Robotics



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