Special Issue


In this Research Topic, we aim to highlight the current and future utilization of soft and morphologically adaptive structures in aerial robot related applications. The research topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Soft, Reconfigurable, Morphable, and Metamorphic Aerial Robots

  • Multi-modal mobility across terrestrial, aerial, and aquatic environments in aerial robotics

  • Improving maneuverability and flight efficiency of soft aerial flyers

  • Adaptive landing and collision in soft aerial robots

  • Soft aerial robots for manipulation, perching, and energy management in complicated environments

  • Bio-inspired aerial construction and nest

  • Bio-hybrid aerial robots

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly aerial robots

  • Self-regenerating and self-healing in aerial robots

  • Bio-inspired aerial robots to understand animal behavior

Keywords: Soft Robots, Soft Actuators, Physical Artificial Intelligence, Aerial Robots, Soft Aerial Robots, Reconfigurable, Morphable, Metamorphic, Multi-modality, Soft Manipulation, Bio-hybrid, Biodegradable, Self-Healing, Self-regenerating, Bio-inspired Aerial Robots